Melanated Organic Multi-Pack SOS 35 Variety Seed Pack



Best Value 35 different seeds to choose from to plant a vegetable garden for a few years.

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Packs are available 5/2024 and not on backorder.

Beets-Detroit Dark, Beets-Detroit Mix, Black Eye Peas, Broccoli-Di Cicco, Broccoli-Spring Rapini, Bush Bean-Jade, Butternut Squash-Winter ,Cabbage-Pak Choi White, Cantaloupe-Hales Best Jumbo, Carrots-Danvers 126, Califlower-Snowball, Collards-Georgia, Cucumber-Bush Crop, Eggplant-Long Purple, Green Pea, Kale-Lacinato, Lettuce-Mixed Greens, Lima Beans-Henderson, Mustard Greens (Giant Curled), Okra-Clemson Spineless, Onion-Walla Walla, Pinto Beans-Shell, Progress Pea, Pumpkin-Sugar Pie, Radish-Cherry Belle, Spinach-Bloomsdale Long, Squash-Crookneck, Sweet Pepper-Big Red, Sweet Pepper-California Wonder

Sweet Pepper-Golden Cal Wonder, Swiss Chard-Rainbow, Tomato-Beefsteak, Watermelon-Crimson Sweet,

Hot Pepper (Habanero)

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