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Five Amazing Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Back when there were no local markets, people relied on produce from their own backyards for healthy and delicious meals. But with urbanization, the accessibility to fruit, vegetables, and herbs moved from home gardens to supermarkets.  As a result, people lost...

10 Tips on How to Care for Your Succulents

Whether you’ve been given a pebble plant or jade plant, we want everyone who’s developing a green
thumb to learn how to properly care for their succulents.

Planting Zone Guide

The guide helps a gardener determine their hardiness zones and a planting guide for most seeds. Download Now

What Are Microgreens

Microgreens are a staple in the culinary world. This popular plant decoratively lines your meal (or smoothie) during restaurant outings, serves as a colorful salad topped in vinaigrette, and has been featured on renowned chefs’ dishes for decades. Given its...

8 Tips on Caring for Your Plants

Choose soil that’s nutrient-rich Nutrient-rich soil is beneficial for producing aesthetically-pleasing plants and a plentiful vegetable harvest. Plants possess unique properties that allow them to harness 17 different nutrients from their environment. These nutrients...

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