COOP POOP All Purpose Garden Food 6 lb, 2-4-3


Healthy grow 2-4-3 is our premium all-organic fertilizer, naturally high in calcium, an essential nutrient that promotes strong and healthy plants. Excellent for greens, tees and fairways and for enhancing top dressing, divot mix and landscape beds. Healthy grow is aerobically composted chicken manure (ACCM), an all natural, slow-release, nonburning organic blend rich in humates, carbohydrates and trace minerals, which naturally enhances any soil type and promotes turf and plant quality. Proven through university research and on some of the finest golf courses throughout the us, healthy grow ACCM fertilizers improve the plant’s ability to take up and efficiently utilize available nutrients. The added organic matter improves soil tilth, reduces compaction and enhances water availability. Healthy grow contains no heavy metals or human bio solids. And because it’s fully composted, you don’t get the odor problems normally associated with manure-based composts.

  • Omri listed
  • Conditions any soil type, even clay
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Increases aeration, reduces compaction

Promotes natural tolerance to stress, pests and disease