Watermelon-Moon and Stars



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Days to Harvest 95-100 ,Hardiness Zone 3-9, Amount 25 seeds , Non-GMO, Organic

95-100 days. Citrullus lanatus. Organic Moon and Stars Watermelons are non-GMO seeds that replenish your summer garden and add an artistic touch! Almost like a painter splashed yellow speckles onto a solid forest-green rind as their canvas, these watermelons are warm annuals and a long season variety. With small spots as the stars and a noticeable bright-yellow moon, this watermelon pattern grows on the vines and brings a fun scenery to any garden. These medium-sized heirloom plants can grow 25-30 lbs. Organic Moon and Stars Watermelons are known to be among the sweetest in flavor, even though they are larger in size.